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CAA facebook group

The FB group of Circumpolar Agriculture Association is meant to all who are interested in agriculture and food production in the circumpolar North. This means not just conventional agriculture but also nature-based livelihoods and products in their different forms. The scope of this group is wide and multidisciplinary.

You are welcome to share your news about related themes, projects, research results, invitations to conferences and meetings, your experiences and so on.

The group is established to act as a link of people involved in northern agriculture such as researchers, practitioners, educators, administrators, managers, policy-makers and students.

Welcome to join us!

4 thoughts on “Join our FB group!”

  1. Hi,

    When is your next Circumploar Agricultural Association Confernce? And where is being held?

    Thank You,



      1. Hi,

        Thank you for replying so quickly. I appreciate it.

        Also, who is the contact person in regards to the 2025 conference.

        Thank you



      2. I will enquire more information from Faroe Islands and come back to you soon. In fact, I have already asked preliminary information about the call of the conference. I hope this will be available soon.


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