The 11th Circumpolar Agriculture Conference to be arranged in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, July 5th to 7th 2022

The 11th Circumpolar Agriculture Conference to be arranged in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, July 5th to 7th 2022.

The Circumpolar Agricultural Association (CAA) is a non-governmental organization concerned with northern agricultural science, practices and policies. Since its foundation in 1992, the CAA has aimed at arranging a conference every third year or so within its sphere of interest.

The next triennial conference will be arranged by Búnaðarstovan – Agricultural Agency of the Faroe Islands, and will take place during the days of July 5th to 7th 2022 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. The conference venue will be located at the renowned Nordic House in Tórshavn (Norðurlandahúsið í Føroyum The conference will embrace 2 days of indoor meetings and a 1 day field excursion.

The main theme for the 11th Circumpolar Agriculture Conference (CAC 2022) will be under this headline: “Farming in the High North – Contributions to a sustainable local Bioeconomy and secure Food Systems.”

Furthermore, we plan parallel sessions under these respective headlines:

• Arable plants for the High North; potentials within plant breeding and the gain from Crop Wild Relatives.

• Future farming options in the High North as a consequence of the predicted land releases due to climate change.

• Contributions from farming and affiliated economic activities to more resilient local communities and stronger local economy in the High North

• Digitization as a motorway for wider market access for the products and services deriving from resources in the High North

The reason for this rather wide theme for the CAC 2022, but yet of so topical interest, has its foundation in e.g. the Nordic perspectives on the future, as described in the Vision 2030 Programme [a most sustainable and integrated region; i.e. green, competitive and socially sustainable], as well in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). No other sector like Agriculture in its broadest sense might interact with as many of these prioritised topics. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wakeup call regarding the vulnerability of our modern supply chains, and on the need for e.g. rethinking the schemes for local food production. Prosperity for the citizens of the Arctic is a cornerstone for making the region attractive to the younger generations and thus being vibrant communities. The predicted effects of climate change will probably over time reveal huge areas of both land and sea in the Arctic, where the citizens of the region might have their option to contribute to the FAO call on increased future global food production. The theme is also meant to be a prolonged debate from the 10th. conference in 2019.

Please note that the call for abstracts for the 11th CAC 2022 is now open. The deadline for abstract submission is thr 1st of April. Abstracts can be max. 250 words long and must be written in English and include text only (no pictures, graphics or references). Keywords can be included. Please submit your abstract by e-mail to Búnaðarstovan – Agricultural Agency, at the distinct conference e-mail address:

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