10th Circumpolar Agriculture Conference

13.3. – 15.3. 2019
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

New thinking about local agriculture in the circumpolar Arctic – Best practices, innovations and perspectives

The conference is the tenth in line of international conferences organized within the framework of CAA (Circumpolar Agriculture Association), aimed at people involved in northern agriculture such as researchers, practitioners, administrators, managers, policy-makers and students. The conference will address a bottom-up approach and new thinking of local agriculture, food production and rural development in the northern areas.

The goal is to open up and discuss versatile meanings of circumpolar agriculture and call for new thinking to address its topical challenges and opportunities. The sessions will highlight among others best practices and resilient solutions in the utilization of animal and plant resources, local breeds, reindeer herding, small-scale farming and non-timber forest products. The conference will address the high quality of arctic foods, their local profitability and business opportunities. The importance of food security and sustainability in different regions and countries will also be discussed.

The conference is hosted by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland; other coorganisers are ProAgria Lapland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Regional Council of Lapland and Reindeer Herders’ Association.

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One thought on “10th Circumpolar Agriculture Conference”

  1. Yes, I’ve lived in the north and familiar with Circumpolar Conferences.

    What I’m amazed at, is with the greed & ignorance that exists in Southern Climates and “gouvenmets” that climatize themselves, coated in greed, as they habitually drabble and promote cheaper shipping costs and subsidies for air transportation of basic needs all Canadians deserve.

    Food, clothing & shelter are not “traded” for, or earned, they are deserved.

    I am encourage with programs grown in Canada’s North, for Northern Canadians.

    My best advice to get out from under this overpopulated and over emphasized self – cantered “elected officials” is, DIY.

    From financed to fruition and to bed, DIY.

    Bon Appetite, Bon Nuit.
    C. Perry


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